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28th July 2022

The Benefits of Retirement Communities in Essex

Making the decision to move to a retirement home certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is a lot to be considered when it comes to such a life-changing opportunity. As each individual begins their retirement journey, family members often worry about isolation and loneliness, with long-tern happiness and safety becoming the main priorities. Retirement Communities in Essex are the solution to a comfortable, fulfilled and integrated lifestyle for the over 55’s. Retirement communities differ drastically to standard retirement housing. 

At Burnham Waters, our vision is that residents will lead an independent, active and social lifestyle after retirement, aided by rich amenities and friendships within their community zones. There is a lot that the majority may not realise about retirement communities, so in this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of retirement communities in Essex.


Safety and Security 


Retirement communities are renowned for their safety and security on site. In instances where the resident lives alone, it always offers peace of mind to know that there is someone on hand to help. Retirement communities offer alert systems in each property to maintain safety. At Burnham Waters, to enhance that safe, community feel, a security office and on-site security will remain on-site 24/7. We will also offer on-site health care via our Doctor’s surgery and care nurses. Residents and family members can rest assured, knowing there are always helping hands available and on call.


Personal Care


As we get older, our circumstances and priorities begin to change. These are different for every person, so it’s important that retirement communities in Essex cater for a vast range of abilities. It’s no secret that daily tasks can get a little harder the older we get. Retirement communities offer housekeeping, gardening, general maintenance, and trained on-site carers to assist residents with general activities of daily living (ADLs), so that they can live life to the fullest, choosing as much or as little independence as they would like.

Often, the low maintenance lifestyle is something that those retiring are looking for. Choosing to live in a retirement community instantly eliminates those menial home maintenance tasks, so residents can focus on their aspirations and enjoy retirement life within a close-knit community. 


Supports an Active Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle is important at any age. As we get older, keeping fit can become a little more difficult. Exercising day to day is important for our overall health and improve conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Retirement communities in Essex offer group fitness opportunities and other activities that can be enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle. At Burnham Waters, we have ensured there is something for everyone, of any ability.

Our facilities for an active and social lifestyle comprise of:


- Fitness Classes

- Gym

- Swimming Pool

- Tennis Courts

- Bowls

- Allotments

- Routes and nature trails for walking and cycling, including a scenic lake


With tranquillity at the heart of the Burnham Waters community, our peaceful countryside haven is ideal for simply enjoying the outdoors, with wide-open spaces, walking paths and nature all easily accessible from wherever you are in the village.


Encourages Socialisation 


One of the most important factors of Retirement communities in Essex is the social element offered. Loneliness is often a big concern for potential residents and their families. At Burnham Waters, our vision has always been to create an innovative and multi-functional village that thrives on the power of community. 

We cater for a range of different ages, which means there will always be something to get involved in and plenty of opportunities to make all important connections. Before making the switch, residents can look forward to a lively, yet optional, social agenda. From fitness classes, to book clubs, coffee mornings and walking groups, if you’re looking for a vibrant community after retirement, this is your perfect match. 


Accessible Amenities and Transportation Services


The difference between standard retirement homes and Retirement communities in Essex is that they come integrated with accessible amenities for residents to use. At Burnham Waters, our integrated community will have access to a wealth of facilities to enjoy. 

Amenities are all within walking distance from the luxury bungalows. To encourage local shopping and extend the community hub, local residents to Burnham-on-Crouch will have access to these amenities too. These include:


- Bakers

- Fish and Chip shop

- Cafés and Restaurants

- Grocery shops


Transportation Services 


Transportation services are yet another benefit of retirement community living. Driving can quickly become unsafe for seniors; yet the worry of diminished independence is often cause for concern amongst older residents. Having the reassurance of a regular transportation facility eliminates the anxiety of lack of independence and potential isolation. Additionally, for those residents wanting the low maintenance lifestyle, it means those MOT’s, car washes and oil changes become chores of the past! 

Burnham Waters Essex offers a regular mini-bus service into the quaint Burnham-on-Crouch, so residents can easily get out and about and enjoy all the local area has to offer.


Get in Touch


At Burnham Waters, we understand that life doesn’t just come to a halt as we get older and we’re breaking the stigma surrounding retirement homes. Our innovative and attentive retirement community design is being constructed to comprehensively cater to the lifestyle and aspirations of the diverse over 55s category.

If you’d like to receive more information about the project, or enquire about reserving a property, our friendly team are on hand to help you.

Send us an email at info@burnhamwaters.co.uk, or get in touch with our sales team on 01621 861559. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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