A vibrant community for the over 55’s.

An image of older people enjoying Burnham Water Essex, a vibrant community for the 55 and overs.
21st July 2022

Burnham Waters Essex: A Vibrant Community for the 55 and Overs

With construction well underway, the much-needed development of Burnham Waters is now a step closer for the community! A hive of activity has begun, and we didn’t want to surpass all the excitement. In this week’s blog, we wanted to fill you in on all that’s coming to Burnham-on-Crouch, give you an overview of the project and discuss the new vibrant community for the 55 and overs.


Innovative Design for A Fulfilling Lifestyle  


We understand that there is a certain stigma around housing for older people. As each individual begins their retirement journey, family members often worry about isolation and loneliness. This is where Burnham Waters stands out, with a vision to create an integrated retirement community for the 55 and overs, where residents can lead a fulfilling lifestyle through rich amenities and develop friendships within their community zones. 

Life doesn’t just come to a halt as we get older and we are well aware that every residents’ circumstances will be different. This is why we have been innovative, yet attentive with our design. Our development is being intelligently constructed to comprehensively cater to the lifestyles and aspirations of this diverse age category.

Our luxurious and spacious retirement accommodation will enable residents to remain independent in their property for as long as possible, enjoying activities with friends and neighbours, whilst having the reassurance of 24-hour care, should they need it. 


High Quality Properties


Burnham Waters is made up of a range of one, two and three bedroom bungalows that are modern, low density and eco-efficient. Attention to detail and pure quality is instilled throughout the properties. These stylish and practical new abodes are perfectly suited to modern lifestyles, yet flexible for evolving requirements in later years. Aptly named after rivers of the immediate South-East, the tasteful, yet detailed interiors and furnishings compliment the aesthetic of the village and of course, the greenery and nature surrounding the village.

Enhancing the safe, community atmosphere, a security office and on-site security will remain on-site 24/7. Consequently, residents and family members can feel completely at ease, knowing that there is a watchful eye and helping hands available at all times.


Accessible Facilities 


Alongside the perfect retirement properties for the 55 and overs, Burnham Waters offers a wealth of accessible facilities within the complex that residents can enjoy at their disposal. There really is something for everyone – we’re set on promoting a dynamic and healthy way of living for residents because we understand the benefit it has on the overall quality of life at any age. Our facilities for an active and social lifestyle comprise of:


- Fitness Classes

- Gym

- Outdoor Swimming Pool

- Tennis Courts

- Bowls

- Allotments

- Routes and nature trails for walking and cycling, including a scenic lake


To add to the list, an extensive range of shops will include:


- Bakers

- Fish and Chip shop

- Café / Restaurants

- Grocery shops


Calm and tranquillity are at the heart of the Burnham Waters community. Our peaceful countryside haven is ideal for enjoying the simple outdoors daily, with wide-open spaces, walking paths and nature all easily accessible outside each front door. We also provide mini-bus services into the quaint Burnham-on-Crouch, so residents can easily get out and about and enjoy all the local area has to offer.


A Greener Way of Life


Burnham Waters is designed with ‘green’ in mind. Not only is it set in beautiful, idyllic countryside, but a green living ethos will resonate throughout the community. Our professional development has been created with a strong ecological bias to enhance the environment for wildlife, as well as provide scenic landscaping for our residents.

We are aligned with the important government initiative to stop using gas in new construction. By encouraging green energy and initiatives post-build, such as electric bicycles, EV charging points for electric cars and electric minibus service, we will actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of retirement housing. At Burnham Waters, we are committed to on-site sustainable energy production.


Get in Touch


Are you interested in reserving a property, or have a few general questions about the project? Perhaps you know someone who would be interested in joining our vibrant community for 55 and overs? If so, at Burnham Waters, we’d love to hear from you! 

There are plenty of ways you can get in touch and find out more about us:


- Head over to our FAQs page.

- Fill out our contact form for a downloadable brochure. 

- Complete our enquiry form for a little more information. 

- Call our sales team on 01621 861559.

- Email us info@burnhamwaters.co.uk.


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