A vibrant community for the over 55’s.


Accessible electric vehicles at Burnham Waters.

Easily accessible carbon neutral transport for Burnham Waters residents.

Enjoy the freedom to explore our community and the surrounding area with the benefit of an electric motor to power you to your destination and back.

Electric bikes

Our ebikes operate in the same way as traditional bikes, with a single gear. Simply start pedaling, and the bike will deliver the extra kick needed to smoothly navigate any hilly terrain.

Residents and guests to Burnham Waters can rent all of our electric bikes, allowing families to enjoy cycling together.

Electric Bike (eBike) model example

Electric car pool

For longer excursions, our electric car pool is ideal for those who do not own a car or believe that the need to possess a vehicle is no longer necessary.

Rent for a few hours to go shopping or for several days to visit friends or family. Both vehicle and cycle rental will be possible by the smartphone app Burnham Waters eMobility.

Carbon neutral journeys

Burnham Waters e-bikes and e-cars are charged with 100% renewable electricity.


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